Malts and Fresh-Squeezed Israeli Pomegranate Juice

BeeRRimon uses only the finest barley and wheat malted grains and fresh-squeezed Israeli pomegranate juice as the basic ingredients for all our beers.  


The Mash, Wort and Boil

The carefully selected and balanced malted grains are mixed with hot water at ideal temperatures in a process called "mashing" which separates out the usable sugars from the malted grains to create a sweet liquid called the "wort."  This process usually takes about an hour.   The wort is then separated from the grains, and the separated wort is then boiled together with the fresh-squeezed Israeli pomegranate juice and carefully selected hops, before being cooled down in preparation for the fermentation process.   


Fermentation and Bottling

Once the wort is cooled to the perfect temperature, the wort is transferred to a fermentation tank and carefully selected yeasts are added to the cooled wort.  The yeasts then begin a feast, consuming the digestible sugars from the wort, creating as bi-products alcohol and carbon dioxide.  At this point, the wort can finally be called BeeRRimon!  Once the yeasts have consumed all the digestible sugars from the wort, the BeeRRimon is mixed with a bit of additional sugars and bottled and capped.  The newly-added sugars reawaken the yeasts inside the bottles which sets off a second-stage fermentation process, which usually takes another two weeks or so to complete.  Then the bottled BeeRRimon is finally labelled and prepared for distribution to you!


Producing BeeRRimon